Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar

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Are you a dedicated professional working in a senior living community or overseeing staff in this growing and changing industry? Perhaps you are a nurse, social worker, elder care lawyer, or someone who directly supports individuals with dementia? We understand your passion for providing the best care possible, and that's why we offer the highly regarded Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar. Become a Certified Dementia Practitioner. This comprehensive seminar is the first essential step toward becoming a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), a credential that sets you apart as an industry leader. Gain the knowledge and skills required to excel in your role and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with dementia. Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia seminar equips you with evidence-based strategies and tools that have proven effective in dementia care. Discover the latest research and industry best practices, ensuring that you are at the forefront of delivering exceptional care and support to those in need. 

Gain the Trust of Families
Because of the evidence-based strategies and compassionate approach you learn, you will earn the trust of family members who entrust their loved ones' care to you. Enhance your ability to provide person-centered support and create meaningful connections that make a significant impact on the well-being of those living with dementia.

Advance Your Career
By investing in your professional development through this seminar, you will gain the confidence and expertise to excel in your career. You will be equipped with the tools necessary to be a trusted source of support for individuals with dementia and their families. Become the industry leader you aspire to be and make a lasting difference in the lives of those affected by dementia.

Flexible Training Options
We understand that organizations have unique needs and schedules. That's why we offer flexible training options designed to accommodate your requirements. Choose from our group training sessions, which allow multiple companies or individuals to participate together, fostering collaboration and shared learning. Alternatively, opt for a private training session tailored specifically to your organization's needs.

Ready to enhance your dementia care skills and become a Certified Dementia Practitioner?
Email Melisa at today to request more information or discuss setting up a training date. Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career, learn evidence-based strategies, and become a trusted partner for families facing the challenges of dementia.

Invest in your professional growth and become the industry leader you aspire to be. Contact us to embark on your journey toward becoming a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

***CDP Certification is provided through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. There is an additional fee for this certification.***


Quotes From Previous Students

"I liked learning from people who work in senior living communities. It was a long day, but it was valuable because I had negative impressions of so many people who work in nursing homes. But, after meeting them I see how kind and caring so many are. I know they will do a good job for my mom. I wish I would have taken this course in the beginning instead of towards the end of my moms life!" - MS

"Cynthia is an outstanding presenter with knowledge from the field. She brings in real world examples from the perspective of the person with dementia and family dynamics. The group was diverse with a doctor, social worker and other community positions. I learned new perspectives." -LD

"I learned to think about 'their truth' and not just my experience. I finally understand why people cover mirrors. I didn't know smell was the longest lasting memory but I see it at work all the time." -  JS "I have a better understanding of dementia after taking this class. Everyone who works in the field should take this class. I wish my administrator would!" -  MB


Certified Dementia Practitioner Course


Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Repetitive Behavior, Communication, Feelings, Depression, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Wandering, Hoarding, Aggressive Behaviors, Personal Care, Pain, Nutrition, Catastrophic Reactions, Activities, Environment, Spiritual Care, Intimacy & Sexuality, Staff & Family Support, Diversity & Cultural Competence, End of Life

This seminar is approved for 7 CEUS for Nurses with the CEU Network for an additional fee of $28. Information on CE credits will be provided in class. Lunch is on your own. No form of videotaping or recording is permitted in class. For more information, contact


Thursday, April 25, 2024 - In collaboration with Felicia Saraceno, Downsizing Club of Florida. 

If you would like to attend of host a different group, please email

Cynthia Perthuis, CSA, CDP, CADDCT
Owner, Senior Care Authority New York and Southwest Florida, 

8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern

$200 per person
Includes Student Handbook
$75 cancellation fee up to one week prior
Please email for group costs.

April 25 course will be held via Zoom. 


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Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar