What Our Clients Are Saying

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for all you did for me and my family this past week.. 
While we have had a few very helpful conversations over the past months, your expert guidance this past week far exceeded my expectations and was invaluable to help us make the most informed decisions. You were an amazing resource, helping me maneuver the maze of challenges related to: Mom's recent fall/hip fracture, getting Dad to respite/memory care while she is in the hospital, advising on rehabilitation options and the myriad of insurance coverage rules and regulations.
I thank you for sharing your tremendous expertise, simplifying the transition process and distilling it all down to the priority, essential "need to know" information. You were extremely generous with your time, always responsive, highly empathetic, and laser focused on supporting us to meet our immediate goals, but also to help us think strategically about future options that were in our best interests.
You have truly been a guardian angel for us!

-Ron, Robert & Josephine Smith

Cynthia and Senior Care Authority was beyond wonderful for my family and me. I don't know what we would have done without their assistance, guidance, counseling, compassion and support. Finding options for my family in normal circumstance would have been challenging enough however, during the Covid-19 crisis, it was miraculous that all worked out so well. Thank you thank you for being there for us!! We are forever grateful and will continue recommending you to anyone in need of assistance.


-D.S. New York, NY

Cynthia and her team were helpful, professional and caring. She was a great resource for learning about different options, levels of care, and facilities. And now that my mother has been placed, she has remained high touch and showed concern about how my family settles into its new situation. I highly recommend Senior Care Authority. 

- F.C. / Staten Island, New York

I am the guardian for an 89 year old friend who needed placement in assisted living. Upon further research it was determined he required to be placed in a memory care unit. This is a challenging and complicated journey in New York City. Senior Care Authority was a lifesaver and a blessing. Strategist Josie Lawrence carried us through the process: interviewing and visiting us several times, working on and analyzing our financial situation, lining up tours, driving and accompanying me on the tours, seeking my feedback and offering expert advice, and helping me move my friend into our final choice. She continues with follow-up now that my friend is successfully living in an excellent situation. Senior Care Authority is knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. You can trust them with your loved ones.

- D.L. / New York, New York

I loved working with Cynthia. At a most vulnerable time, needing to find an assisted living facility for my mother, Cynthia met us with kindness, capability, humor and energy. She found the perfect fit from among dozens of possibilities. I would without reservation recommend Cynthia Perthuis to help navigate the gridlocked array of facilities.

- S.G. / Brooklyn, New York

Cynthia and Josie Lawrence were wonderful in helping me find and get my 95 yr. old brother into the best possible assisted living facility in NYC to fit his needs and desires. Since I live a day´s flight away and because of commitments at home, I only had 3 days to accomplish this. They bent their schedules to cope.

- B.M. / New York, New York

Senior Care Authority is an extremely caring and helpful agency. They work very sincerely every step of the way to ensure that your loved one is placed at an appropriate facility. I had experienced a very complex and difficult situation with my uncle's placement. Only with Senior Care Authority's help and support, I was able to find a hospitable and homely Senior Living facility for him.

- L.B. / Queens, New York

SCA was a great choice to ask for and receive all the help that my wife needed to assist with her mother in her last few weeks of life. Cynthia went way beyond our expectation in her work to get things done and assist to the very end. Thank you.

– J.S. / Toronto, Canada

The talented and oh-so-helpful staff of SCA provided us with all the tools needed to quickly and effectively find an appropriate 'next step' for our elderly cousin who had suddenly become unable to manage her life independently. Their sensitivity and understanding made our journey through unknown territory a comfortable and successful one. I recommend SCA unequivocally!


– E.DM / Vermont

When my older sister had declined to the degree that she could no longer live safely at home I knew had to do something. I live on the opposite coast and had no idea what to do or even where to begin. I started with an internet search for elder care.

Eventually I found Cynthia Perthuis, owner of a Senior Care Authority franchise. She is a great listener and readily grasped my very complex story. She subsequently earned my sister’s trust and helped us all navigate the series of transitions and decisions we were facing. 

Truly, “above and beyond the call of duty” is a fair description of the service Cynthia provided. Looking back on it from this vantage point, it could not have been an easy task. Cynthia was our advocate and support all the way!

Cynthia’s assistant Phillipe, who throughout this long process has always been ready willing and able to provide additional support as needed.


– M.S. / Santa Barbara, California

What Our Clients Are Saying