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Boomer's Today is a weekly podcast that helps educate families on resources available to the aging boomer population. Frank Samson, founder and CEO of Senior Care Authority®, interviews different experts on aspects of what families face as Boomers and their parents are aging each week Topics range from caregiver challenges, legal matters, financial considerations, to health, wellness and self-care. 
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Alzheimer’s Support Network and Brain Changes

Marianne Troy is a Family Consultant for the Alzheimer’s Support Network, based in Naples, FL. The Alzheimer’s support network supports families throughout the US by providing services at no cost to the families of people dealing with a loved one experiencing a brain change, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Cynthia Perthuis, owner of Senior Care Authority of New York and Southwest Florida, and Marianne discuss the many different faces of Alzheimer’s, and how important it is to create care plans that are specific to the individual, what resources are available and how Alzheimer’s Support Network can help in the Boomer’s Today podcast. Listen to "Alzheimer’s Support Network and Brain Changes" on Spreaker.

What is life planning and how do you do it?

Jackie Cara is an Estate Attorney and the founder of the Cara Law Firm, based in Long Island, New York. Cara Law provides clients with highly personalized estate planning and elder law services. With over 30 years of experience, Cara Law brings clients the options and tools they need to protect themselves, their families and their assets. In this Boomers Today podcast episode, Cynthia Perthuis of Senior Care Authority of New York and Southwest Florida talks with Jackie about what estate and life planning includes, how life planning and end of life planning are different, and what age is appropriate to begin estate planning. Her answers might surprise you! If you have children or other dependents and are a homeowner, you will want to listen to this! Cara Law believes that Estate Planning is lifetime planning. Listen to "Life Planning for Everybody" on Spreaker.

Addressing Staffing Shortages Through Leadership

Kevin Svagdis, owner of Nurizon At Home, a private duty home care agency based in Florida, speaks with Cynthia Perthuis of Senior Care Authority of New York and Southwest Florida about staffing shortages in the industry and the possible solution to the problem on the Boomer’s Today Podcast. Kevin has more than 36 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including 18 years in acute care and 18 years in hospitals and senior care. In 2004, Kevin was appointed president of one of the nation’s most successful senior living hospitality services providers, overseeing dining, environmental and plant operations services for more than 500 retirement communities in 38 states. Listen to "Addressing Staffing Shortages Through Leadership" on Spreaker.

Why Hospice? Why Now?

Cynthia Perthuis of Senior Care Authority speaks with Miryam Rabner, the Cultural Sensitivity Liaison & Outreach Coordinator for MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care in this Boomer's Today podcast episode. If you are like most people, you do not fully understand what Palliative Care or Hospice Care is, nor why it is important to have an understanding of how each works. Learn more in the full episode! Listen to "Why Hospice? Why Now?" on Spreaker.

Taking Care of the Bills When Aging On Your Own

In this Boomer's Today Podcast episode, Cynthia Perthuis of Senior Care Authority of New York and Southwest Florida, chats with Kristin Sposato, founder of Orchid Island Management Group. Kristin and her Husband, Dean, assist seniors and their families with bill paying, property management and coordination of daily services through an outsourced model and a professional network. OIMG's Senior Affairs Program provides peace of mind for the families of seniors who want to enable their loved ones to remain in their home for as long as possible, yet are unable to oversee their day-to-day challenges. The husband and wife team also assist with helping seniors who are no longer able to live on their own through the transition from their home into assisted living. Sponsor: Listen to "Taking Care of the Bills When Aging On Your Own" on Spreaker.

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