Why I Love Peace of Mind

Meet Anne Elwell, Senior Care Advisor. Hear from her why she loves our new Peace of Mind service.

Why I Love Peace of Mind

There are many things about my career I love. Clients come to me stressed because they do not know how to navigate the maze of senior living options. I make their options clear and they find the best place for their loved one. Inevitably, their shoulders relax and their smile returns because their hope has returned. Once the solution has been identified and the transition is in progress new fears arise. How will we know mom and dad are okay? What if we can’t be there when they need something? Until recently, there wasn’t a great mechanism in place to help ease their worry. Now, Senior Care Authority offers Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind is a program we offer to provide weekly visits with your loved one in the senior living community where we offer meaningful activity or engagement in a way that meets their needs. We also act as a conduit of information between the family, the senior(s) and the community. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson,* are two Peace of Mind clients. I meet with them weekly in a local Naples senior living community. I enjoy these visits so much. We visit for about an hour a week. I make sure we FaceTime with the children as frequently as possible so everyone is at ease. Senior living communities, even the best of the best, don’t always have the time or staff to make sure these little moments occur with family members. I know these FaceTime visits mean so much to The Jacksons and their kids, but they also mean so much to me. I feel like a defacto member of the family now and have grown to care for them so much. 

A by-product of these weekly meetings is how my connections to the community staff grow. Because they see me there every week, they’ve gotten to know me and they also know I’m going to check on the Jacksons. I get to know who is caring for my clients. This way, I am a conduit between the family and staff if there are things that each want the other to know. 

My own parents have passed, but meeting with my clients allows me to catch a glimpse into some of the things my parents may have experienced. I hear the stories and learn about who the Jacksons were in their younger days. I know my visits have eased the worry of everyone involved. But, it has also brought me joy. Aging can be scary sometimes. When people do it alone it can be even scarier. I like knowing that I am making a difference in my clients lives through our Peace of Mind program.


To learn more about the Peace of Mind program from Senior Care Authority, or any of our other services for seniors and their families, contact us at 212-913-9963 in NY, or 239-330-2133 in FL  to set up your free consultation with Anne, or any of our other highly qualified Senior Care Advisors in New York and Southwest Florida. 

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Why I Love Peace of Mind