Real Placement Stories- Peter

Read about Peter, and his fun reason for choosing assisted living

Real Placement Stories- Peter

Meet Peter, a vibrant 86 year old


Peter recently decided he was ready to move into a Senior Living Environment. He enjoys living life to the fullest and wanted to maintain that. His house had become more of a burden and was getting to be too much for him to maintain properly, and his body needed a bit of extra care.

Peter has always valued his independence and freedom, and wanted to maintain that, so that he could be a good boyfriend. He knew that moving into a Senior Community would prevent his new girlfriend from becoming his full-time caregiver, which neither of them are ready for. They want to enjoy their dating relationship long into the future. 

Keep reading to hear more of Peter’s story from his son in this interview with Laura Davis of Senior Care Authority. 

Laura: How did you feel prior to working with Senior Care Authority? 

Peter’s Son: My brothers and I were in the dark. We had even gone through the process with another family member and knew picking the right place is critical. Striping away all the glossy brochures and understanding the language is so difficult. Senior Care Authority was able to sort all of that for us. Removing all the clutter and educating us about how important the staff and care is for our father. Navigating us to the best place for our dad. 

Laura: How did Senior Care Authority help you? 

Peter’s Son: Senior Care Authority was able to provide choices and guide us to the BEST place for our dad. And, Laura spoke to our dad in an extremely professional manner. The comfort and compassion of her directness with our dad was so reassuring to our family. We all experienced comfort and kindness with this emotional decision. We know our dad is content with his new transition and his dignity is in tack and was never jeopardized. 

Laura Davis, Elder Care Specialist, said this about working with Peter and his family, “Peter is a family man. His heart is full of love for his three sons and the boys had dad’s best interest at heart. They worked really well as a family to make the transition happen smoothly. Each son used their individual gifts to help dad get all of the support he needed and remain autonomous so he could continue building a great life. One of the things Peter was looking forward to is the meals at Heritage Oaks because they have fresh pastries and coffee in the lobby daily. You can bet I’ll go visit Peter and share a pastry with him!  

. . . . .

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about the senior living communities in your area, contact Senior Care Authority to schedule a free consultation. One of our Senior Advisors will be able to answer your questions and assist you with beginning the process of locating a place that is right for you or your loved one.  


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Real Placement Stories- Peter